Power Flush Hire

Power Flush Hire



Magmaster Pro

The Proflush Magmaster Professional System is regarded as one of the best powerflushing machines on the market, constantly being recommended on most recognized UK plumbing forums.

The Professional machine has the highest operating temperature on the market allowing you to flush with temperatures up to 85°C. The Professional unit operates at a flow rate of 150 litres per minute and is capable of flushing up to 40 radiators over 3 storeys. It comes equipped with a 50 litre heavy duty tank fitted with castors making the machine mobile and easy to use. The Proflush Professional range is fitted with a reverse flow and double dump facility as standard. They are acid proof and safe to use with all well known brands of chemicals.

With the addition of the Magmaster Integral Unit this adds two of the most powerful magnets on the market enabling your Proflush to filter out most of the loose debris circulating around the system in one pass. This results in a reduction of around an hour and a half off the average cleaning time. The Magmaster Integral filtration unit allows the magnets to be easily removed so that the householder can see what has been taken out of the system. The process reduces the chance of any debris re-entering the boiler which may cause early failure.

  • Supplied with 2x 12,000 gauss magnets
  • Twin magnet filtration
  • Proven to cut down time on site by up to 2 hours
  • Max flow rate 150 Litre’s per minute
  • 50 Litre heavy duty tank
  • 40 Radiators over 3 storeys
  • ALL high quality metal fittings
  • 85°C Max operating temp
  • Reverse & double dump as STD
  • Easy to use Camlock connections
  • Supplied with heavy duty bund tank


A £250 deposit will be taken for each hire and returned to the hirer upon safe return of all hired items. The hirer must also provide the following:

  1. A utility bill dated within the last 3 months
  2. Valid photo identification (Passport/DVLA photo card).


Note: If the machine is returned damaged it will be returned to the manufacturer for repair and the cost of this will be passed onto the Hirer.