What is Scaleout™

Scaleout is arguably one of the most significant single advancements in scale prevention in nearly 100 years.

The Scale-out has been designed to fit inside of a standard kitchen unit and is efficient enough to treat the whole house including the heating system. You will see the benefits instantly as your shower screen will not have the usual white spots and you will not get the build up on your taps and shower head. Scaleout will also prolong the life of your hot water cylinder and your boiler will not suffer with a build up of scale in the heat exchanger, therefor not having to work so hard.

Its revolutionary process provides quick, efficient and cost effective protection from serious damage limescale can cause. The quality of the drinking water is not affected. During the limescale prevention process, no minerals or magnesium are removed and no sodium is added to the water. It is safe to drink all day, every day.

Scale Out Models:
SC1 – Capable flow rate of 16 liters per minute £189+VAT

SC2 – Capable flow rate of 40 liters per minute £318+VAT

SC3 – Suitable for 22mm supplies, capable flow rate 60 liters per minute £438+VAT.

SC4 – Suitable for light commercial use, capable flow rate 90 liters per minute £641+VAT.

Monarch logo 120The Scaleout SC2, 3 & 4 have a removable cartridge (£19+VAT) that should be changed every 12 months and the resin (£95+VAT) within the main unit needs replacing every 4-5 years depending on usage, as you can see the costs in using a Scaleout over a traditional softener are greatly reduced plus due to have no mechanical or moving parts requires no servicing. Also with no electricity supply needed or overflow drain off required these can be installed anywhere within the house where access to the cold water main can be gained.

Scale-out’s are a great alternative to a water softener. Scaleout from £189.00+VAT


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