Central heating hot water cylinders come in various shapes and styles. These include Vented, Unvented, Direct, Indirect, Fortic, Economy 7 and Horizontal.

Due to there being so much choice we try and carry a large stock of the more popular sizes and are able to order in the more unusual sizes within a couple of days.

We are also able to have cylinders made to your exact specification including having extra coils fitted and changing the connection locations and tapping size. Special order cylinders would need to be ordered in store and payment would need to be made upfront.

We also carry a large stock of Emersion heaters and have access to an extensive range of cylinder spares to repair your existing cylinder in the event of a mechanical failure.

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Please see below some basic cylinder information below.

Vented Cylinders: Open vented hot water cylinders require a large amount of water to be stored in a header tank, located somewhere higher than the hot water cylinder itself, such as the loft space. The hot water cylinder, generally housed in an airing cupboard, is fed water from the header tank, with the water pressure driven by gravity. The cylinder then heats the the water as it passes through to the outlet in use.

Un-Vented Cylinders: Unvented hot water cylinders are run off the mains water supply, which pressurises the cylinder, giving a high flow rate and enabling hot water to be easily distributed around your central heating system. The pressurised unvented hot water cylinder is manufactured with stainless steal – specifically designed to withstand high pressure.

Indirect Cylinders: Indirect heating cylinders work with hot water from your heating system running through a coil within the cylinder.

Direct Cylinders: Direct hot water cylinders are heated ‘directly’ from the emersion heater.

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