Softeners & Salt.

Water Softeners.

A Water Softener is the most effective method of reducing scale, these are available in varying sizes from small units for 1 bed room flats going all the way up to large commercial units for hotels.

Monarch are leading UK manufacturers and distributors of high quality, high performance Water Softeners like the Monarch Midi, Proven performance, reliability and efficiency supported by our 7-year guarantee.

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Water Softener Salt.

25kg Pebble Salt Bag

Canterbury Plumbing Supplies are one of the biggest stockist of salt within the local area. We mainly supply the pebble type for your softeners in 25kg bags but we can also order in Granular for dishwashers, ‘De-Icing for roads/pathways and Block also used in water softeners.

We are happy to supply individual bags or can supply in bulk rates from 10 bags to a 42 bag pallet. 

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