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As rainwater percolates through the ground it collects minerals from the rocks.

Soft water is only evident in areas where rain falls onto ground that is ether impermeable (Granite or Slate) or only contains low levels of Chalk and Limestone.

Most of the South sits on Chalk and Limestone and as you can see from our map unfortunately the South East is largely affected by Hard Water indicated by the darker colours.

As a guide only 40% of the country has natural soft water, leaving the remaining 60% to suffer with hard water.

The visible signs are scale, scum and tidemarks around baths, taps and the unsightly white marks left behind on your shower doors.

The mineral contained in hard water manifests as scale when heated or when water is left standing. What you see in your kettle is an excellent guide to what is happening in other parts of your water system including your boiler and hot water cylinder.



A Water Softener is the most effective method of reducing scale, these are available in varying sizes from small units for 1 bed room flats going all the way up to large commercial units for hotels.

Monarch are leading UK manufacturers and distributors of high quality, high performance Water Softeners like the Monarch Midi, Proven performance, reliability and efficiency supported by our 7-year guarantee.

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